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just checking friends & communities summer 2014 [28 Jun 2014|11:50am]

The Necky Kid on a Minnesota lake.

If any other Boundary Waters fans check in  ... please note me.

Ely MN launch, then a bit of free-lance, wolf howling, eagle chase, and a few hard-hat bars can be fun.
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Tampa Bay / McGills Bay Overnight [15 May 2011|12:41pm]

We dropped in from the South Skyway bridge fishing area. Beneath the mangroves a trails winds to the water. It is the easiest place along the wall. From there we paddled out toward Ed's Island. As we enter the flats, a black tip shark spooked and nudged my boat. Exciting! Another 10 strokes, a green sea turle surfaced to take a look at me. I was thrilled! I've never seen one from  my 'yak, much less in the wild water. Seconds later she was gone, a phantom back to deeper water.

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new to kayaks [06 Aug 2008|11:21am]

I was wondering what would be a good entry level kayak. I live in Mississippi and plan on kayaking in the rivers and creeks around here. I would prefer a good, non-inflatable, cheap kayak. What are some good ones I can keep an eye out for?

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[18 Jul 2008|07:49pm]

Some photos from a Kayak trip to Santa Cruz Island, CA, last week. Mostly from the northeast end of the island, near The Painted Cave.


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Allo! [05 Jun 2008|10:16am]


 I'm new to this community and I am also relatively new to kayaking anad rafting the south-east United States area. I was contemplating which rivers to check out near Tennessee and Virginia. (I'm an experienced rafter and kayaker.) I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the rivers in the area and any nice suggestions.


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Cambodia Boat Tragedy [29 Nov 2007|11:46pm]

Phenom Penn had taken away 5 Singaporeans in a recent traditional boat race.

Click to read more:

In loving memory of ...
Boon San http://bgpoh.blogspot.com/

Stephen http://energizerloh.blogspot.com/

Jeremy http://rememberingjerbroni.blogspot.com/

Wei Zheng http://rvhs2j2001.blogspot.com/

Reuben http://ntu.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6327748991
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Morning on the Avon River [09 Jul 2007|08:31pm]

A couple of random photos for y'all, from the first rapid in the Avon's whitewater section - 38k of rapids and flat water, dropping about 90m vertically. This is Posselt's Ford at 8:30am, air temperature approx 2°C. The Avon river drains a fair bit of the southwest corner of Western Australia (~120,000sqkm)  but only flows for 2-3  months of the year.

Posselt's FordCollapse )
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Boats for sale [07 Jul 2007|10:37am]


Hope this is OK in this community. I just listed a couple of boats on EBay.

Perception Lucid kayak

Dagger Caption canoe

If you know somebody who might be interested, please send them my way.
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Adaptive Kayaking [05 Jul 2007|01:54pm]

I just read the neatest article and I wanted to share!

Because I work with a disabled population, I was reading New Mobility(July 2007 issue), a magazine for wheelchair users, and they have this really wonderful article called Sea Kayaking and Canoeing: It's About Freedom!

This is the paragraph that really got me:
Wilbur sums up her love of kayaking with one word: freedom. "It's leaving your wheelchair behind and recreating with your family and friends." She finds many wheelchair sports are limited only to people with disabilities, but says, "Kayaking is equally open to everyone, and on the water we are all just paddlers. My disability doesn't make me different than any other paddler, except perhaps for the advantage I have with my stronger upper body."

Isn't that awesome?

Anyway, the article has a lot of terrific resources for disabled folks who are interested in adaptive paddling. (I had no idea the ACA offered adaptive paddling workshops!) If you know anyone with disabilities who might enjoy the sport, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this issue!
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[04 Jul 2007|10:26pm]

A few photos from this week at Catalina Island.


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New member [07 May 2007|08:00pm]

Hello all - I found this community and it looked like a nice place to share kayaking stories and such. I just got into kayaking a year or so ago. I live in an apartment and had no place to store a regular kayak so I purchased a Sevylor Tahiti K79HF two person kayak last year. Being an inflatable the whole shootin' match folds up and stores in a large duffle along with the paddle, life vest, pump, towel, etc. I'd been wanting to get a Tahiti for years - ever since I read that they'd been manufactured since '63 and some adventurers had used them to TWICE traverse the entire length of the Amazon River! I got lucky and found one in the HF color scheme (hunting and fishing - green/tan) and snapped it up. Sevylor apparently doesn't make the HF anymore which is a bummer because now my wife wants one for herself - I guess she'll have to settle for the blinding-bright yellow. Anyway, once I get a waterproof cover for my DSLR I'll be taking some photos of my favorite spots and posting them here for all to see.
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new kayak tattoo... [17 Apr 2007|03:57pm]

...that I thought this community might enjoy. it's on my right inner forearm.

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Warwick University Canoe Club Promotional Video [02 Mar 2007|01:46pm]

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Take my survey? [21 Feb 2007|12:02pm]


I don't know if this is allowed in here, but I'm taking a survey for school, and thought you guys would be the perfect group to talk to. We are looking at starting an outdoor gym geared to rock climbers, boulderers, kayakers, mountain bikers, snow boarders, skiiers, etc. and so we really need input from you. If you don't mind taking a bit of time to help a girl out, it'll be super appreciated. And if this is inappropriate for the community... SORRY!

Click here to take survey
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Any suggestions for Fla (rental) kayaking treks? [17 Jan 2007|04:44am]

[ mood | curious ]

Within a week or so I'm heading down to Sanibel Island then on to Key West basically for a sunny break and some serious outside time. Coming straight down I-75 at a high rate of speed.

I'm aware and have done Ding-Darling on Sanibel but I am totally uninformed about other Florida kayak spots. I'm reasonably skilled but will need to rent this trip given my Necky is tucked away in Northern Minnesota.

What should I add to my TO DO list?
I like hiking as well.
I do digital photo work, so I love great nature places.
Is the Manatee place still going? Where is that?

Any Fla rip-off places to avoid??

Thanks for any tips.

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Weather conditions? [16 Jan 2007|12:17pm]

Another possibly stupid question: What weather conditions would prevent you from kayaking?

Of course, I don't mean lightning storms or hurricanes. The reason that I ask is that our local parks won't rent canoes or kayaks if the sustained or gusting wind is greater than 12 mph. When I owned my own canoe, I paddled in those conditions all the time, and I think that's kind of restrictive. But then I thought, maybe I was just being reckless. I don't really know what the standard is.

So is there a standard? What weather conditions would you consider unsafe for kayaking?
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Alligators? [09 Jan 2007|11:24pm]

Looking through old posts, I noticed there are a number of Floridians (who are hopefully still) in this group. This may be a strange question, but have you encountered alligators, and if so, is there anything a person should know?

The reason I ask is that I've heard about a kayaking trip I'd like to take (though the name of the park is escaping me at the moment, darn it), but the guy who told me about it mentioned that there seems to be a large gator population there. With the unusual number of gator attacks and deaths in 2006, the idea of confronting one in a kayak makes me a bit nervous. (I've accidentally run over one in a canoe before, and it still makes me nervous just thinking about it fifteen years later.)

Any thoughts?
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mobile bay [09 Jan 2007|05:21pm]
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dauphin island/fort morgan double crosser [05 Dec 2006|01:30pm]

click for make big

i paddled from dauphin island to fort morgan peninsula and back. about 4 miles
each way.
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Curiosity [26 Nov 2006|06:17pm]

I live Florida, where there are thousands of lake, rivers, and creeks to explore. I have been kayaking for many years. I have always rented kayaks and have never used an inflatable kayak. I live in an apartment, and thus have no place to store a traditional kayak. I am curious on what others think of inflatables.
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